Can Parrots Get Coronavirus?

Many in the bird community know that our birds are susceptible to common diseases like chlamydia and they can pass it on to their owners and the humans around them.
parrots and covid

But the big question of current times is, can birds get the the strain of Coronavirus that caused this pandemic? More importantly, can they give COVID-19 to their people? So if you find yourself asking:

Are my birds safe from COVID-19, and is my family safe around my birds?

According to World Parrot Trust, “The short answer is yes, your bird can not become infected by this strain of coronavirus and so you can also not get the virus from your birds.” Although birds supposedly cannot get infected, many airports have postponed the transportation of birds on their airlines until they know for sure. 

So maybe they can't get the virus, but can they carry it? The CDC states that while there is "limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low." Birds have not been proven to have carried COVID-19 but there has not been much research into the topic.

How to keep you and your bird safe from spreading diseases like COVID-19

The term biosecurity (further explained by the USDA) is the terms used to mean everything that can be done to prevent diseases and the pathogens that carry them – viruses, bacteria, funguses, parasites and other microorganisms – from passing between birds, property, and people. 

To keep you and your bird safe, follow the usual guidelines of COVID-19 prevention of spread. Wash your hands before and after you handle bird, clean their cage regularly and do not expose them or yourself to a lot of people.

family pet birdOf course if you or someone in your household contracts the COVID-19 or any other virus, it is wise to quarantine yourself from your bird as well as other pets and family members. Have someone else take care of your bird until you are no longer at risk of spreading the virus. 
And since there isn't a risk to your family, take a look at the benefits having a bird can provide during this pandemic. Many people are suffering from mild to moderate depression - especially those who live alone. Having a pet bird for companionship and responsibility is know to aid in depression. So, if you're feeling healthy, go ahead and keep loving on that feathery family member! It'll do you all a world of good!