The Right Diet For Your Parrot

The right diet for your parrot seems simple, right? They eat seeds in the wild so how is it any different in captivity? Well it’s actually very different, you see. Seeds have a lot of fat in them and if your bird doesn’t get enough exercise, which it won’t as long as it’s in captivity, then they can develop fatty liver disease and possibly shorten your bird's life. Here at parrotfunalia we are trying to help you create the best, longest, happiest life you can for your parrot and so we are going to show you what to feed your parrot instead of seeds.

parrot eating chop

Seeds in large quantities are  unhealthy for your bird. However, seeds are an important part of your birds diet (especially small birds) when given in small portions.

They are best given as treats or sparingly. They should not be a part of their daily diet because that will decrease their treat value. Common seeds to use as treats are sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, pine nuts, and millet spray.

So then what should you feed your parrot instead of seeds? Well the best possible diet for your parrot is a mixture between freshly chopped vegetables (and occasionally fruit) and a healthy blend of pellets. You should not provide these foods for the whole day as the vegetables will not be good after a few hours. Once you've fed your bird chop, remove the container a few hours later.

diy bird chop for your parrot

Here's a healthy Chop Recipe your parrot is sure to love:

  • Minced Broccoli
  • Minced Cauliflower
  • Minced Carrots
  • Minced Cucumber
  • Minced Lettuce

    Place everything in a food processor or chop finely (depending on your bird's size). I like to make a large batch and freeze unused chop in ice cube trays that I can defrost as needed for daily meals. 

    If you want to ease your bird into trying chop, you can mix it with healthy seed and/or pellets. Here are a couple of healthy blends to try:

      The only reason that you do not want to include much fruit in your chop or get the fruit blend of pellets is because fruit is very high in sugar. If consumed too much too often, it can cause several severe heart problems for your bird, especially when they don't get very much exercise.

      We hope that this article taught you something, and that you know now how to feed your parrot in a healthy way. If your bird does not eat these things right away, give it some time. Birds are very picky eaters and it takes them a long time to adjust to new foods.