The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Parrot

The holidays are rolling around and what better way to show our feathered friends that we are grateful for them than giving them a gift! But what are we supposed to give them? In this week's blog post we are going to give you the ultimate gift guide for you parrot!

So, if your parrot already has everything that it needs, what more should you get them?

Shower perch: This may sound like a peculiar gift, but hear me out. A shower

bird shower perch

perch is a great way to give your bird a bath and it makes baths more enjoyable. It gives your parrot a way to spend more time with you while getting clean. It will also help you because you will not have to give your bird a bath on times that are convenient for them, but times that are convenient for you! Your bird is sure to love this gift and it would look great with a bow and some wrapping paper.


bird food bowls
Food/water bowls: This gift may sound odd as well, but it will be appreciated by your bird. You may already have them, but if you have had your bird for a long time then they have probably survived much of the wear and tear of your bird, but they will be dirty and emaciated. You want to keep your bird's bowls as clean as possible and this is a good way to make sure that they are as clean as possible.


Bird Toys: Birds love toys, so what better to get them than a new one? Birds go through toys very quickly and can tear them up in a matter of seconds! I'm sure that they would appreciate a new toy from Parrotfunalia to have fun with!


bird play stand
Play stand: Birds love to fly around, looking for things to chew and eat. Play stands are very good for this because they give your bird many things to do and many places to explore. Your bird is sure to enjoy one of these and it will give them lots of needed exercise.


Of course, if your feathery friend is already stocked up on all of these good things, you can always get her that little treat she loves - some millet, seed, even her favorite fruit!

Thanks so much for tuning into this week's article and we look forward to hearing about all of the gifts that you get for your feathered friend for the holidays.