Why we don't sell some seemingly popular products for pet parrots

We sell a lot of helpful products here on Parrotfunalia, but there are some products we don’t sell. In today's blog post we are going to tell you why we don’t sell these things and give you an idea of what not to buy your bird.

Mirrors are not good for pet birds and parrots

Cage Mirrors - You may think that mirrors are a good way to have your bird feel like they have a friend. This is true, but not in a good way. Birds actually view their reflection as their mate. They will always want to be with their mate and not want to spend time with you. In addition to this, they will become hormonal and whenever you try to move them from wherever the mirror is they may become aggressive. They will not want to move away from this "mate" and will become isolated and unhealthy. Mirrors simply are not good for your pet bird. However, this does not mean you can’t have mirrors in the room that your bird lives in, it just means that they should not be exposed to them often. If you have a female bird they are less likely to have a mirror obsession and may just ignore it, though you should still try to avoid it.

Happy/Snuggle Huts - These cute little homes for your bird are bad for TWO

snuggle nest huts are bad for pet birds

reasons. The first reason is simply the material inside of them. The inside of Happy Huts are made out of a toxic fiber that birds cannot digest, which results in clogging of their digestive systems. Many birds have ingested this material and had to get surgeries to get it removed. The second reason is that it causes hormone issues. It resembles a nesting area and you bird may become aggressive around their nest and even possibly lay eggs in it. Unless you are breeding your birds Happy Huts are extremely dangerous because pet birds are not meant to lay eggs. They can become egg bound which means that they have an egg stuck inside of them and they will, again, have to have surgery to get it removed.

Sharp Toys - If you were just mindlessly playing with your toy and it stabbed you with a sharp edge, it would hurt right? Imagine being the size of your toy and being stabbed by it. It can hurt a bird and potentially lead to breaking the skin, resulting in loss of blood.

We would suggest to not put these objects into your birds cage and hope that you do thorough research on what is dangerous for your bird as well.