Chirp! What Is Your Bird Trying To Tell You?

Have you ever wondered what your bird is trying to tell you? Well in today's blog post we are going to tell you some of the ways that you can read your bird!

First things first, birds generally are not easily readable through their talking because, usually when they scream it means they want something. It is easier to tell what they are feeling through their body language. Once you learn their body language, you will be able to understand them.

Scared body language: When your bird is scared they will stick their neck out and look very alert. All of their feathers will be sucked into their body to make them look small. Their wings will usually be slightly lifted from the body to get ready for flight and they may be pacing around a lot.

what is my bird trying to say

Angry body language: When your bird is angry one tell tale sign is opening their beak as if they are about to bite. This is them telling whatever it is that they are angry at to back off. Other signs include hissing, biting, sucking in of the feather, lowering of the head and eye pinning.

Relaxed body language: Relaxed body language is very easy to see. The bird will be still, usually only standing on one leg with their feathers puffed up. Many birds also make a grinding noise with their beak when they are relaxed. They will also preen when they are comfortable around their surroundings.

Sleepy body language: If a bird is sleepy they may yawn and close their eyes. If they are going to sleep they will tuck their face into the feathers on their back and fall asleep.This is typically the time when they are the most relaxed

We hope that this helped you understand your birds behavior and contact us with any more questions that you have regarding bird body language.