Why Parrotfunalia?

         About us

         We founded Parrotfunalia as a mother daughter team seeking out the best parrot products to provide you so that you and your parrot are happy. We have thoroughly reviewed all of our products to make sure that they are safe, enriching and durable. 

         We have done much research about everything that is and isn't beneficial for your parrot and plan on relaying that knowledge to you so that you can create a wonderful life for your pet bird. Here are some ways that we will make sure we keep our promises:

    • Provide you with consistent blog posts that contain trustworthy information
    • Create a clear description for each of our products
    • Ensure that each and every product is made with safe materials
    • Test our products with our own bird

About Parrotfunalia         

          We sell bird food and water bowls, bird toys, bird perches, bird cages and bird travel carriers. Unfortunately at the moment we do not sell bid food but If our new company gets up off the ground we may add that to our store, so keep a close eye on everything that we provide here on Parrotfunalia