About Us

 About Parrotfunalia

Mother Daughter Business

We created Parrotfunalia as a mother-daughter team with hopes to create a parrot store that everyone can visit and find knowledge and good quality products. We want to use our experience with our cockatiel to create a fun and friendly environment to provide good products and wisdom to others looking to provide the best environment for their pet parrot.

We love researching everything about birds to share it with others! We have found so much information using our friends and (of course) the internet. While we do use the internet we make sure that our sources are reliable so that we don't relay the bad information.

We have had to work through many problems with our cockatiel including, fears, diet conversion refusal and mirror obsession. Parrotfunalia is here to help you solve your problems too! Just email us and we will be happy to help you!

Why we started Parrotfunalia

We founded Parrotfunalia as an opportunity to provide you with bird supplies that are truly backed up by people who have the knowledge and experience to share. We have not only heavily researched parrots and parrot ownership, but we have a parrot as well. We have a Cockatiel named Harley who has helped guide us through obtaining the knowledge to reach our goal.

We have searched countless websites and stores for the right products for and information about parrots as pets. Some are great resources and others not so much - but it wasn't easy to tell from a novice's perspective. So we set out with a goal to create a website where people could find a place that not only understands what birds need, but understand the hardships, the joys, and the responsibility of having a bird as a pet.

We provide products for sale that we find acceptable for parrots, but we also want to provide a forum for bird enthusiasts to talk and read about the aspects of responsible bird parenting. 

If you need any help with behavioral issues, eating issues or something you'd just like to share with us please let us know and we will do what we can to help your parrot live a happy, healthy life.